2011 Canadian Open Poker Championships Update and Results


2011 COPC The 2011 Canadian Open Poker Championships (COPC) are well underway at the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary. Event #1 a $300 No Limit Hold’em with three starting days has attracted 243 competitors to create a respectable prize pool of $69,619.

Here is the final list of cash finishers for Event #1:

1st $16,710 Steven Collin
2nd $10,100 Jeremy Issel
3rd $6,960 Wayne Hoffert
4th $5,750 Cindy Kerslake
5th $4,180 Frank Longintti
6th $3,480 Jan Jaffer
7th $2,160 Lee Kris
8th $1,950 Brant Taylor
9th $1,670 Eric Davis
10th $1,600 Alemu Makonen
11th $1,530 Adam  Bitz
12th $1,460 Todd Hunter
13th $1,390 Tawd Hamonic
14th $1,320 Jag Johal
15th $1,250 Hank Oosterhaus
16th $1,180 Geoff Pringle
17th $1,110 Shane Brotherwood
18th $1,040 Shawn Tran
19th $900 George Mousel
20th $840 Pat Snowden
21st $800 Josh Mitchell
22nd $765 Ron Giles
23rd $740 Brian Morrison
24th $704 Nada Siddik


COPC Event #2 consisted of a $450 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament that attracted a field of 156 players paying the top 16 finishers. The total prize pool was $59,592 and in the end it was Kwan Pao Mah who was victorious. Kwan Pao Mah, aka “Spiderman” has had a couple of cashes at last year’s  COPC, this was his best finish. Kwan Pao Mah has had a hot streak this summer where he took 1st place at the Macau Poker Cup in Hong Kong winning $126,000 after beating 447 players.

1st $15,495 Kwan Pao Mah
2nd $10,725 Graham Wietzke
3rd $7,450 Ian Broen
4th $5,365 Stanislaw Kriventsow
5th $3,575 Duane Wong
6th $2,980 Willie Hernandez
7th $2,380 Dan Hall
8th $2,025 Josh Wallace
9th $1,670 Justin Trivisano
10th $1,490 Angelo Jopek
11th $1,310 Jody Fayant
12th $1,190 Everol Davis
13th $1,070 Brad Denton
14th $1,010 Sheyhong Yang
15tH $955 Carolyn Grad
16th $902 Troy O’Neill


COPC Event #4 was a 1 Day Triple Chance No Limit Hold’em where players each played 3 stacks of 2,500 chips. The buy-in for this event was $220 and 95 players created a prize pool of $18,145. Winning the event was Dana Forden from Alberta. In the top 10 are three Trivisano’s: Justin, Mario and Shiraz who placed 2nd, 5th and 6th respectively.

Here are the remaining results from Event #4.

1st $5,080 Dana Forden
2nd $3,630 Justin Trivisano
3rd $2,720 Karamjeet Shergill
4th $1,815 Robert Hillard
5th $1,270 Mario Trivisano
6th $910 Shiraz Trivisano
7th $815 Dwayne Johnston
8th $725 Xu Yan Qu
9th $635 Todd Hunter
10th $545 John Hansmeyer


Event #3 is the signature Main Event Heads-up Championship. For the first time the COPC organizers have lowered the buy-in from the standard $5,000 down to $2,000. A total of 32 players started in the event. Among the competitors was last year’s COPC Champion Matt Jarvis who was eliminated in the first round by Dave Cung. Players start off with 10,000 in chips and it’s the best 2 out of 3 matches.

The final table has been set today and features Joel Bullock versus John Wilson. The winner stands to make $25,000 along with the title of 2011 COPC Champion and the runner up will walk away with $15,000.




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