2008 WSOP Champion Peter Eastgate Joins Team Betfair


Poker sponsorships have taken a downward spiral in recent months largely thanks to poker Black Friday but many online poker rooms, the main companies sponsoring poker players, have rethought about the true benefit of having pros wearing their logos at major tournaments.

If your name is Peter Eastgate and you have a 2008 WSOP Main Event Championship victory followed by several subsequent live poker successes such as a 2nd place finish at the 2009 EPT London, a victory at the 2009 PCA, combined with with unusual media attention brought on events such as retirement from poker in 2010 and for donating his championship bracelet for charity which auctioned for $147,500, this might just be enough to peak the interest of a sponsor.

As the 2008 WSOP Champion, Eastgate was automatically inducted into Team PokerStars roster of pros, but shortly afterwards, it seemed as if the pressure became overwhelming for the Champion which lead him to announcing his retirement from the game with a nice nest egg of $9 million in hand. Less than a year later Eastgate made his comeback into poker with more action happening on the virtual felt than in live events.

Though he has been seen sporting PokerStars gear since his return to poker, it was never fully clear whether he was fully back with Team PokerStars.

Eastgate is now officially part of Team Betfair poker. Though his last name is English from his father, Peter Eastgate is actually from Denmark. Betfair is one of the largest online gaming companies in the world. Although they have attempted to make inroads in the Canadian market over the past couple of years, probably why we don’t know too much about this British company is because they are primarily known for their sports betting exchange, a concept that has grown popular in the United Kingdom but not in Canada.

A betting exchange effectively allowed betters to bet against each other and often making it possible to have better odds for the players than betting against the house.

Betfair also currently offers poker on the Ongame network and for those of you who worry about where to deposit, they are without a doubt a very secure company  and licensed in multiple jurisdictions.

If you don’t have an account on Betfair, whether you want to play poker or try the world’s largest betting exchange, click here to open up your account and get a generous sign up bonus.

Here is an interview with Peter Eastgate.



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