$100,000 Guaranteed TonyBet Power Weekend at Playground Poker Club March 9th – 14th


TonyBet Power Weekend

Tonybet is sponsoring a new mini-series at Playground Poker Club in Montreal, running from March 9th – 14th.

The Tonybet Power Weekend features a four day one flight re-entry $100,000 Guaranteed Event and tournaments in Mix Max, Freezeout, Tag Team, Pineapple and 6-Max Bounty formats.

While this live event sponsorship continues, Tonybet is also hosting the most ambitious online poker series in its history.

Full details of the Power Weekend Series:

 $135 + $15 NLHE RE-ENTRY $100,000 GTD

Day 1a: Wednesday March 9th, 7:00pm
Day 1b: Thursday March 10th, 7:00pm
Day 1c: Friday March 11th, 11:00am

Day 1d: Friday March 11th, 7:00pm
Day 2: Saturday March 12th, 12:00pm
Day 3: Sunday March 13th, 7:00pm


 $100 + $10 NLHE MIX MAX

Thursday March 10th, 12:00pm
The number of players per table decreases as the tournament goes on!


 $200 + $20 NLHE FREEZE

Saturday March 12th, 7:00pm
A classic freezeout tournament.


 $270 + $30 NLHE TAG TEAM

Sunday March 13th, 11:00am
Our most popular special event!
Play with a partner, with each player alternating levels from level 7 to the end of the tourney. The first 6 levels are played individually.


 $100 + $10 NL PINEAPPLE

Sunday March 13th, 7:30pm
Players are dealt 3 hole cards and discard one before the flop – the rest of the hand is played out like Hold’em.


 $100 + $10 + $25 NLHE 6-MAX BOUNTY

Monday March 14th, 7:00pm
An action-packed bounty tournament with short-handed tables.



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