$100 Million Casino Project Being Proposed for Surrey, British Columbia


A $100 million mega casino complex is being proposed for development in South Surrey, British Columbia. Three business groups including The Surrey Board of Trade, The Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce and the South Surrey – White Rock Chamber of Commerce are voicing their support for this project and believe that a convention centre and entertainment complex would be a benefit economically to Surrey.

The $100-million complex would be built near Highway 99 and 10th Avenue and would include restaurants, a hotel, theatre and a 60-thousand square-foot casino.

According to the BCLC, Surrey residents spend about $86 million per year in casinos outside of the city.

Apparently, the new casino would bring an estimated $3 million a year in gambling revenues.

A common reason for opposing the casino project that is often given by opponents is that a casino will bring crime. Opponents to the project also say that it would eliminate valuable farm land.

The next public hearing is scheduled for mid-January and Surrey city council will vote on the proposal thereafter.


  1. I love the crime angle. I think they should put up a new hockey arena instead…historically that has seen calmer more law abiding crowds…

  2. We could also probably afford 10x the schools and hospitals if the contracts abd bids were awarded in a cost effective fashion instead of to whoever kicks backs and milks it while doing so.


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