100 Billionth Hand hits on PokerStars and $1 Million Awarded


100-billion-celebration-headerIt’s almost inconceivable that 100 Billion hands of cash game play have been dealt on PokerStars since the software first went live in 2001.  It makes us think about McDonald’s old slogan that went something like over 1 Billion hamburgers served. By some estimates on the web, McDonalds is set to reach around 300 Billion hamburgers served this year since first opening their doors.

The 100 Billionth hand saw a number of promotions and traffic spike on PokerStars to all-time record highs.

The winning hand was played at a low-stakes $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold’em table and won by a Greek player microulis69 who won $103,800. The total won at the 100 Billionth hand table was $169,260 and $830,790.34 was divided among 9,471 playing at the same game/stake as the big one with the average stake share going to those players is $84.72

microulis69: $103,800
doc836: $13,440
HeyitsClay: $13,440
GlassGagguas: $13,360
MoodyMiss: $12,760
Mayers666 $12,460

Arguably, no other poker software is anywhere close to reaching such a milestone, with most other software networks somewhere in the area of the single-digit to low double-digit billions of hands dealt.

Here is a short video of the 100 Billionth Hand on PokerStars.



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