$1 Million Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on Merge Poker Network


Earlier today the bad beat jackpot got hit on the Merge Gaming Network. The bad beat jackpot had surpassed $1 Million and was distributed among the players sitting at the lucky table. The BBJ was won at a $1/$2 Limit Hold’em table by the player with the screen name “Eulson” who lost with quad 7′s to the four queens of “123maryc” .

The flop came :7s :Qc :Qh and “Eulson” had flopped a full house of sevens over queens. But “123maryc” flopped the nuts with quad Q’s. “123maryc” checked and “Eulson” made a small bet that was merely called by “123maryc.” Another 7 appeared on the turn gave “Eulson” 4 of a kind but the hand was already over. “123maryc” checked again, “Eulson” bet and the re-raising continued back and forth between the two a total of five times until “123maryc” went all-in. The river card did not matter even though it was an Ace.

Of the total Bad Beat Jackpot, 70% was paid to the table. The lucky loser of the hand “Eulson” received $355,092.35, the winner of the hand “123maryc” got $177,546.17 and the other players dealt into the hand received more $25,363.73 each.

Of the remaining 30% of the prize pool, the network received a 10% administration fee and the remaining 20% was used to seed the new bad beat jackpot which is currently past $223K.

To win the bad beat jackpot, the losing hand must be four of a kind of better and both winning and losing hand must use both hold cards to make their hands. In addition to that, at least four players must be dealt into a hand reaching showdown and the pot having at least 0.50 rake on special bad beat jackpot tables.

The Merge Poker Network is one of the few networks still accepting players from the United States at such rooms as Carbon Poker and Sportsbook.com.

Congratulations to the loser “Eulson” who was the big winner today, the only time when it pays to lose.




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