Gabriel Alarie Winner of Playground Poker Spring Classic Event 2


Gabriel-AlarieGabriel Alarie is the winner of Playground Poker Spring Classic Event 2 $500 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack! It went from three to one very quickly. First, Dimitri and Philippe Plouffe were involved in a two-way all-in that for a nanosecond everyone thought Dimitri had won – but in fact it was a chop. So they continued to play three-way for another few hands, but the next time Dimitri Feoktistovs and Philippe Plouffe tangled, Philippe came out on top, eliminating Dimitri in 3rd place.

Just two hands later it was all over; Philippe took down 2nd place and Gabriel is the winner!

The players reached an agreement to divide the prize pool three ways (roughly an ICM chop) and continued to play for $9K plus the bracelet. Here are the numbers for the deal reached:

  •  Dimitri Feoktistovs  $29,425
  •  Philippe Plouffe   $30,570
  • Gabriel Alarie $38,000



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